Know What to Ask Before Hiring a Home Repair Specialist

Ask Your Handyman the Right Questions!

When requesting a professional’s opinion on a home repair project, be certain you know the project’s specifications. Before you sign a contract, do your homework on the contractor, such as phoning the Better Business Bureau to discover if any complaints have been made. Do carefully ask the following questions before hiring a handyman to make repairs to your house:

What is your expertise?

A reliable handyman can handle multiple repairs in most repair services, but it is still best to ask this question. This way, you will know if the handyman can handle your required repairs. You will require an expert when your work is comprehensive. You could suffer serious repercussions, for instance, if electrical work is not done properly.

How long have you been in business?

Selecting someone with little to no experience will be expensive and present many difficulties for you. However, a skilled handyman with years of expertise will be able to handle new obstacles.

Do you have references in the area?

The majority of handymen rely largely on recommendations from previous clients. A professional handyman should be able to give you local references if they have experience and do a quality job. Ask for three to five customer references, like any other service, and give at least two of them a random call. Check out online reviews as well. Also, you might wish to check the Better Business Bureau, even though not all handymen are listed there.

Can you provide a free estimate?

You don’t want to simply hand over your money to acquire a quote for the cost of the job if your budget is tight. To make up for their travel time and time spent evaluating your potential job, some handymen demand a fee. If they provide a free estimate, make sure to inquire about it over the phone before they visit your home.

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